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Thread: ForceField database update?

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    silendestiny Guest

    Default ForceField database update?

    Gurus, Can ForceField standalone does the anti-phising database and spyware sites database updatable like ForceField in ZAEX? If yes, how to update those database?

    Thanks for the information...

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ForceField database update?

    Yes, it updates automatically in the background.

    There is also a user option to have 'auto' or 'manual/check now' for 'product/ version updates'

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    silendestiny Guest

    Default Re: ForceField database update?

    Thanks for the reply..
    Anyway, I'd press the update button and come out a message box saying my standalone ff is up-to-date but the database is not updated. In a meanwhile, my other computer installed ZAES and the ff database is updated (ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Sites Database 04.055) and my standalone ff (ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Sites Database 04.010) since i installed it two days ago. What should i do? Am i still being protected while the spyware sites database is not updated?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ForceField database update?

    Please describe complete details of the pc with the stand-alone FF. Firewall, av, any anti-spy like Webroot, PCtools SpywareDoctor, Spybot, etc. Which browser are you using?

    Is this the pc with KAV where you had previously posted? If so, please see if you can 'un-install' all Kaspersky URL Advisor add-on - not just disable the toolbar. Check browser for all 'Kaspersky URL advisor addon' toolbar and BHO. And then check browser for ForceField - toolbar and BHO; in IE8 there is FF Toolbar and Toolbar Registrar or may be seen as 'TrustcheckerIEPlugin.dll > toolbar & BHO. Check Firefox for/ enabled ForceField toolbar.

    When installing ForceField, it is better to install with IE7/8 instead of Firefox; check ForceField board for more info with Firefox useage.

    Virtualization is the primary core of ForceField, make sure you see the 'halo effect.'

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    silendestiny Guest

    Default Re: ForceField database update?

    Yes, this machine is using Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, Browser Firefox 3.6, Firewall ZAPro, AV using KAV, FF standalone and all latest win7 updates.
    I'd tried to uninstall the Kaspersky URL Advisor addon toolbar, Enable FF toolbar, Enable Virtualization but still the spysite database ain't update. Anyway, thanks for your reply..

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