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Thread: System tray activity indicator not working right?

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    Default System tray activity indicator not working right?

    Have two machines running ZAIS (latest version either will update to; one computer is XP the other 64-bit Vista). Since updating to 9.1.x, on both machines download activity by multiple applications does not show up with the ZA icon located in the system tray, although normal browser activity does show both inbound and outbound traffic activity. Recently installed ZA free firewall on relatively new netbook running XP, and that version of the firewall DOES show download activity.

    Is this normal with 9.1.x?

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    Smile Re: System tray activity indicator not working right?

    The Activity light on my DSL/Cable modem is flashing but ZoneAlarm does not display traffic


    The activity light on your DSL/Cable Modem indicates activity. Depending
    on the equipment used by your DSL/Cable provider, your computer may be
    receiving broadcast messages that are transmitted throughout the
    Internet, or throughout your ISP. The Ethernet card on your computer
    automatically discards these broadcast messages if the data is not
    intended for your computer, so ZoneAlarm will never see them.

    TCP/IP is a broadcast protocol on a network. Broadcast messages are sent
    to all computers that are part of a specific network. A computer's network
    adapter filters traffic at the hardware level. Any traffic that does not have
    the hardware address of your network interface card is automatically
    discarded. ZoneAlarm never sees, and thus does not display this discarded traffic.
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    mri Guest

    Default Re: System tray activity indicator not working right?

    Yes, same here. I'm running 9.1 on 64bit Win7. I'm afraid George's solution is for a different question.

    The traffic indicator works for the first little while of up or downloading then reverts to showing the "Z". I just instant-chatted with a customer service person who was quite adamant that nothing is broken but said she'd pass it up the line to get the feature re-instated. Here's hoping... My guess is it's been "improved" over previous versions without the developers realising that it was a great feature used by many.

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