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Thread: Browser hang 3-5 min, heavy HDD activity, heavy send/receive

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    Default Re: Browser hang 3-5 min, heavy HDD activity, heavy send/receive

    Quote Originally Posted by michaelgregg View Post
    Yes, I know what the UP arrow means, but every time it goes to check for updates, etc, it freezes my system for a couple minutes.
    Did you read my full post..

    try this:
    Click on Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware
    Click Advanced Option
    Click Updates
    you can change Update schedule.. (not Recomended)
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    Exclamation Re: Browser hang 3-5 min, heavy HDD activity, heavy send/receive

    Hello all,

    I will explain how Kaspersky AV/AS updates work and this is why SOME systems and not all systems will slow or seem to freeze when an update happens.

    First, ZoneAlarm cannot fix or improve how the core Kaspersky AV/AS updates fundamentally work. The OEM version of Kaspersky software works this way and its just how it is.

    Some systems are affected by this while many others are not.

    This is just to explain what your seeing and experiencing is normal and is how the Kaspersky AV/AS update system works.

    When an AV/AS update happen ZA will connect and download a tiny file from the AV update server that contains a catalog of the latest AV/AS definitions. The next step is that the AV/AS update system will then take that file and compare whats on your system against the catalog file.

    When this happens this is where the heavy HDD access issues happen. This can affect system performance for various systems. How the Kaspersky AV/AS update system does this cant be modified and there are so many things that can effect the performance of this task is why it takes so long to do and can slow down the system.

    After this task has completed then the AV/AS system must download the individual updates and then apply them which is HDD intensive on some systems also.

    ALL this happens when you see the update happening and these various functions are all wrapped up in just that one update progress bar so its impossible for the users to know when and what exactly is happening and which process is taking longer.

    This is just how Kaspersky designed the OEM version of the AV/AS system. The core functionality is just something you cant change and if we did we would invite even more problems to happen.

    We are hoping Kaspersky will come up with a all new AV/AS update engine and how there updates are delivered and applied later this year or in 2011.

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