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Thread: Cant clean worm.win32

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    dwr Guest

    Default Cant clean worm.win32

    My computer is almost shutting down because its giving me messages of spyware virus worm.win32 netsky. Zone Alarm Supreme cant find and fix it and I use malware bytes twice and cant get rid of it. Big Red Sign from Windows on my screen of the spyware worm virus.
    Any Help?

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    Ray1769 Guest

    Default Re: Cant clean worm.win32

    I did some searching and hopefully this removal tool from Smantec will help.

    Let us know afterwards, ok? Good luck

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    Default Re: Cant clean worm.win32

    please follow ALL steps as suggested here


    Click here for ZA Support
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    dwr Guest

    Default Re: Cant clean worm.win32

    I am fine now. I actually rerun the malwarebyte spyware program. After that it was good. I purged the system restore and turned it back on after. Comp is back to normal now.
    Thanks for all the feedback

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