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Thread: tmmivv.exe asking for access to internet

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    Default tmmivv.exe asking for access to internet

    I got this request right after Avast said it blocked a malware or virus. This file tmmivv.exe was trying to go to ip address This address shows to be in Russia. I cannot find this file on my system. It must be there somewhere, since it tried to access the internet. Where is it? Any ideas? thanks, jerry m.

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    Default Re: tmmivv.exe asking for access to internet

    scroll the items in the ZA program control --> Programs and look for the matching file name. You may need to screen all entries to find it since the description of the file may not correspond to its filename.

    Once you have found it, right click on it and choose "properties". if you get an error then its not anymore on your system otherwise you will see where it is located.


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