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Thread: IPv6 & Teredo Tunneling stopped by ZAfree

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    Default IPv6 & Teredo Tunneling stopped by ZAfree

    After many frustrating hours trying to configure my PC and 2 laptops and a friends business PC and laptops into networks I just gave up. I had tried everything I knew including deleting ZA and AVG and while the PC could see the other computers they could not communicate. There were times when I had changed a setting in the registry file that things would work but with in a short space of time they stopped again. Finally I talked at length to MS technician for 2 hours and finally narrowed it down to 2 things. ZA is changing the settings in the registry that disables the communications between the IPv6 and the Tereodo Tunneling adaptor. The only thing in the end I did wrong when I had tried uninstalling ZA was when I went to edit the registry file was not to start the regedit as "Run as administrator". Like many others I felt being the only one using the computer as administrator it worked like XP. Not so apparantly. You need to type in the "Search programs and files" area when you click on the start button, then right click on the rededit.exe and select "Run as administrator" Then any changes you make will be saved.

    For details on the solution you can read a post here

    Until ZA addresses this issue I will not be re installing ZA. Admittedly it has been a copy of the free ZA version but is still a problem.

    Operating system are Win 7 pro 64 and 32 bit.

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    Default Re: IPv6 & Teredo Tunneling stopped by ZAfree

    See here below the solution for retail versions of ZA, not sure it applies to ZA free too:

    If not, you will need to find a free solution supporting it.


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    Cool Re: IPv6 & Teredo Tunneling stopped by ZAfree

    How do I setup ZoneAlarm so that it does not block IPV6 traffic? ,

    Firewall / Advanced / Put check mark in last option on the page
    (enable iP6 Networking)

    However, that option is ONLY available in the Paid versions..

    Sorry, You only get Basic features in the FREE version of Zone Alarm..
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