I've been a loyal Zone Alarm SS user now for quite a few years and this is a suggestion rather than a question.

In Zone Alarm, Privacy, Site List I've become accustomed to setting more secure settings for Snooping Sites. That's easy enough if the site has a readable name with something like "ad" "image" "click" "stat" "farm" etc etc in the title, or a recognised snoop site such as doubleclick among many others. However I get fed up with sites which use only the four digit Hex numbers, or use an acronym which tells you nothing about the origin of the "snoop request". As a rule I try to completely block such sites, since most are not legitimate and are merely trying to hide their identity. However this is hindered by some legitimate sites also using just a Hex number or an acronym that is too brief to identify.

My suggestion is that Zone Alarm (and other Security software) should adopt a get tough approach on sites that wish to conceal their identity from users by simply and automatically giving such sites ZERO rights as standard.

This would produce problems where legitimate sites are being lazy and not allowing users easy access to their identity. People browsing their sites would get annoyed by having to edit such entries without any information to guide them. Some might complain to you. Some might complain to them.

If all Security software did the same I think that legitimate sites would change pretty quick to make things clearer for their users.

OK perhaps you don't like the idea of adopting that "get tough" approach on a global scale. You could allow more security conscious users a setting to do this themselves, rather than have to edit each one individually.

Editing each one individually is a chore I don't like, made worse by Zone Alarm's habit of forgetting security settings from time to time. But even if you do edit each one manually, by the time you do that you've already been logged by the snoopers at least once for the entry to appear at all! I want to deny them even that one log!

And no I don't want to go to the extreme of a global denying of permission to all sites unless edited. Lets's make it difficult for the Snoopers not for Zone Alarm Users!

One further problem for you would be that the Hex Numbers would be easy to identify as "Non Readable" but the acronyms would be harder. I don't know how that could be solved other than some kind of database of known "Unreadable" acronyms. You take this approach to many other security issues, so perhaps that would be the solution, unless you have a better idea.

Hope you like the idea or at least find it useful. Regards Greg