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Thread: Where is the documentation for ZAX?

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    jjbrophy Guest

    Default Where is the documentation for ZAX?

    I have been using Zone Alarm Pro through the last 3 major releases (and the free version for many years before that), and whenever a new whole-number version came out, I have downloaded & read the PDF User Guide. Recently my AV product became unavailable, so I upgraded to ZA Extreme Security (losing a year and a half license for ZAP in the process). Possibly I'm going senile, but I've just spent half a day looking all over the site & through the forums, and can find no trace of a User Guide for ZAX. What's up with that? And incidentally, am I correct in inferring that expert rules are not supported in ZAX? (I started looking for the User Guide when I couldn't find the expert rule input screen by just poking around the program.)

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    freissig Guest

    Default Re: Where is the documentation for ZAX?

    I would like to know if a user guide is available, and if so, would like to download it.

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    garywa Guest

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    I don't believe a users guide has been published for the current releases of ZA products. They have pretty much been replaced by the Help files that come with ZA. Open the ZA Control Center and click on Help in the lower left-hand corner. That will open up the searchable document.

    I did manage to find 2 online pdf documents for ForceField.

    A Quick Start guide:

    The Users Guide:

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    freissig Guest

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    Thanks Garywa. I suspected that they stopped making them.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Thumbs up Re: Where is the documentation for ZAX? PDF Guide

    Using the 'search' function (I had to re-challenge three times for an image I could read) I found this link to ZAX Version 8.0 PDF Guide -dated March 3, 2009. Thou I could not find 9.0/9.1 this version pretty much covers all the basics - this PDF Guide can be printed <> 2.28 MB pdf download.

    Click here > version 8 manual

    Don't forget you can always click the " ? Help " = is your UserGuide in your ZA GUI/ panel or right click your ZA tray icon and click ' Help '

    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security - click here >

    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security - Release History - click here >

    __________________________________________________ _____
    For more intimate details of ForceField/ BrowserSecurity

    'garywa' has mentioned:

    Click here for Browser Security Guide -PDF >
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    freissig Guest

    Default Re: Where is the documentation for ZAX?

    Thanks Naive Melody.

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