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Thread: Guarding against Keyloggers

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    victor43 Guest

    Default Guarding against Keyloggers

    Does ZoneAlarm Pro guard against keyloggers that want to call home ?

    My only question is in the event my system gets infected with a keylogger does ZoneAlarm notify me of any attempts made by the keylogger to connect to the internet and to call home ? Whether itself directly trying to connect to the internet or by using another Window process to do the dirty work to connect to the internet ? I am under the impression that keyloggers can be kernel based (thereby being virtually undetectable) and able to control a Window system file(s) to access the internet and not giving itself away and allowing the controlled process to the dirty work.

    Does ZoneAlarm have the capability to detect such tactics and notify the user as such that a process or application is trying to connect to the internet ?

    Also does ZoneAlarm detect other methods of bypassing firewalls such as Port Knocking and Tunnelling and Proxing ?
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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Guarding against Keyloggers

    Simply: ZA Pro will guard against 'some or most' keylogging activities. If you want better anti-keylogging defenses > try adding ZA ForceField to ZA Pro (that's what I have ZA Pro + stand-alone ForceField) which does offer specific 'anti-keylogging' feature/ module in this browser security software.

    Click here for more info on ForceField >

    If you look thru ForceField board you will see a few posts of folks who try to install legit 'keylogger' software to "watch their children" and such and have a hard time installing it with ForceField keylogger feature enabled; so it appears to work on commercial/ legit keylogger software.

    Your firewall is but one part of pc security; other aspects contribute to overall defenses with the 'user' and his 'common sense' surf habits playing a more important factor. Your anti-virus software will also block and detect/ remove keylogger malware No 'one' pc software provides 100% prevention.

    The specific details you seek, you may need to search further/ elsewhere. There are a few 'firewall/ software' testing organizations/ companies you can find on your own.
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    findley Guest

    Default Re: Guarding against Keyloggers

    most antivirus products classify keyloggers as potentially malicious, or potentially undesirable programs, users should ensure that their antivirus product will, with default settings, detect this type of malware. If not, then the product should be configured accordingly, to ensure protection against most common keyloggers.
    quote from Kaspersky Keyloggers: How they work and how to detect them

    The Kaspersky unified antivirus and antispyware engine is used with latest versions of Zone Alarm Security Suite and Zone Alarm Extreme Security and Zone Alarm Antivirus but there is no antivirus with ZoneAlarm Pro. Your post does not indicate whether or not you are using any antivirus along side the zone alarm firewall. See features and Compare Zone Alarm Products Keylogger screengrabber jamming is part of both stand-alone Forcefield mentioned by Senior Member NaiveMelody and keylogger screengrabber jamming is part of Zone Alarm Extreme Security which also includes antivirus among other features.


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