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    Hi all.

    Perhaps you've heard of the web site ~~snip ~~ they have game trainers (executable files/ programs) that you launch along with a PC game that enables things such as "gode mode", "infinite ammo", etc.

    There's kind of a disclaimer on their site that says:

    "Is your antivirus or security software telling you the trainer is infected? It's very typical for antivirus and security applications to flag trainers as a virus or malware simply because of the way they are designed. CHEAT HAPPENS scans all files with multiple scanners before uploading. You can read here for more information. You can usually add the trainer to your security software's exception list which will make it ignore the trainer and cause it to start working. Sometimes you may have to disable your security software while the game/trainer is in use."

    I've used their trainers before with no problems from ZoneAlarm. However, with a recent trainer I downloaded from them for a game called "Section 8", I'm having problems.

    I don't even have to launch the trainer by clicking on it, because regardless, ZoneAlarm is detecting it as a "virus" and Quarantining it. I get a pop-up window on-screen telling me it's automatically been Quarantined. I have to constantly go into the Quarantine section and "restore" the file/ program.

    The name of the file is "Section 8 Trainer", but, when it's "caught" by ZoneAlarm, it shows up under this name:


    When I go into ZoneAlarm, then to Program Control, and look to "add" it and "allow" it access, its name is not listed there, not under the name "Section 8 Trainer", nor under the other name of "Trojan.Win32.Buzus.csvj".

    Could anyone please tell me the procedure to go about adding this trainer program so that it doesn't keep getting detected as a "virus".

    Thanks for any help or info.
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