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Thread: UDP messages blocked

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    matsgi Guest

    Default UDP messages blocked

    I have an application (Synology Assistant) that sends broadcast UDP messages to port 9999. When ZA is running these are blocked without any logging.
    Even when the Firewall is set Off both for the Internet and Trusted Zones the messages are blocked. The Firewall Advanced option "Filter IP traffic of 1394" is unchecked
    and I have in the Program control set Access for the application.

    Only when a I shutdown ZA the message can be seen (verified with WireShark).

    Any suggestions?

    I'm running ZA Extrem Security on Vista SP2.

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    Default Re: UDP messages blocked

    no experience with that software but have you tried to check at their forum? I have seen many references to ZoneAlarm when doing a search.

    If you do not get any help from other users here you could try to contact ZA technical support (link in my signature) although I am sure Synology producers should better knows about it.


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    matsgi Guest

    Default Re: UDP messages blocked

    There were some hits at the Synology site but they all told that ZA blocks the ports. So the problem is ZA. I will contact ZA Technical support.

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