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Thread: ZA Suite 7.0.337.000 antivirus not updating.

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    Default ZA Suite 7.0.337.000 antivirus not updating.

    Hi....I have the suite version 7.0.337.000, and since about one month ago the antivirus is not updating, even if I do it manually.
    Anybody there to help me? Every time I click the link to update antivirus/antispyware, there is the message "the task encountered an error" in the antivirus update, though the antispyware does up date without any problem. Thanks in advance for your help.... You can write either in English, Spanish or Italian.

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    Default Re: ZA Suite 7.0.337.000 antivirus not updating.

    could you please specify the operating system (i.e. sistema operativo in ES or IT) you are with?

    Note that ZA supports only latest version 9. You are using version 7. ZA also does not support windows 2000. If you are running windows 2000 you will need to search for an alternative solution than ZA.


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