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Thread: Hard Disk Encryption and Disk Defrag software (PerfectDisk 10)

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    Unhappy Hard Disk Encryption and Disk Defrag software (PerfectDisk 10)

    I am wondering if there are any issues with running various third-party disk defragmentation software packages with ZAES Hard Disk Drive encryption. I am currently using PerfectDisk 10 from Raxco software. Its website says:

    "please contact your drive encryption vendor to ask for specific instructions to ensure that their software will continue to work correctly if the disk drive is defragmented. If there are specific files that the drive encryption software vendor recommends not be moved, you can configure PerfectDisk to not defragment these files on-line."

    Apparently their concern is that some full disk encryption software vendors require that certain files be in the exact same place on the disk each time. They list a number of popular disk encryption softwares and identify whether there are any such requirements so that files can be excluded from defragmentation or relocation. They don't list ZA encryption in their table. (does that mean it is not that popular? Well I guess that is a discussion for another forum).

    Does ZAES encryption work in this way? Are there files which cannot be moved and if they are the disk is shot? If so what are those files.



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    Default Re: Hard Disk Encryption and Disk Defrag software (PerfectDisk 10)

    I am afraid you will need to contact ZA support directly for knowing how the encryption works (we arwe all users here). You should also contact the producer of that defrag software to add ZA in their list.

    Link to ZA technical support in my signature.

    Once you have an answer please post it back here! It will help other users with the same defrag software.


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