So just went through the 'process' of renewing my subscription..I see ZA is getting a bit sneeky..

At first chose to pay via Paypal when I happened to notice the fine print saying if I chose to use paypal method that I would be enrolled in ZA's automatic renewal. If I did not want auto-renewal, I must choose a different method.

Don't want auto-renewal, so log out of PP, log into ZA, go to pay with CC and on final page I notice not only is the opt-out for auto-renew very hidden (you have to click onto a + sign that opens a box where you then check another box to opt-out) but I also notice that there are other items listed: Zone Alarm Extended Download Service and Zone Alarm Back-Up CD, neither of which I selected and both which cost more money.

So now I have to go back in, edit the order to remove the additional items (that I did NOT choose to begin with) and finally finish the order.

Bordering a bit on the sleezy side if you ask me....