Hi all,

I am extremely confused, so please bear with me.

I have zone-alarm free running on windows 7.
It has recently started giving me errors because of a faulty root certificate (validation failed for ....\Temp\VSINIT.dll and ...\Temp\vsutil.dll)

These errors do not allow me to uninstall the program (the uninstalls from the start menu/add-remove programs give me the same error messages). The removal programs won't work either, due to the same errors.

I tried uninstalling using this guide (couldn't find a guide for windows 7), but after rebooting, my internet connection wouldn't work, and I had to use a system restore point just to get anything to work again (the registry backup wouldn't load either, so I turned to more drastic measures).

I tried all sort of things I found online, like resetting the clock etc, but it didn't help.

Can you please help me uninstall/fix the program?

Thank you!