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Thread: New keylogger test (AKLT.exe) for FF

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    Default New keylogger test (AKLT.exe) for FF

    Hello all.

    It's been quite awhile since I last posted. I used AKLT.exe version 3.0 in order to test the newest release of ZA standalone version of FF.

    I remember previously that no keys were intercepted whenever you type using a keyboard, and that FF passed all the tests.

    It seems that the new version of FF works differently. It "fails" all of the AKLT key-grabbing techniques. However, the typing that does show up will follow this format


    So basically, regardless of what you type while using your browser, the data output will always follow the above format.

    So in essence, the new standalone version of FF does work, it just now generates a pre-set sequence of letters/symbols/numbers rather than blocking all keylogging all together.

    I confirmed this by using three separate computers that have FF loaded.

    Also, I checked Block programs that secretly record your keystrokes (Only in allegedly secure sessions: https), and it works as intended. If you're on any normal page, then your typing will be recorded exactly. However, if you're in a secure session (e.g. e-mail, banking, etc.) then all typing will revert back to the protective state (QWERTYUIOP[]\ASDFGHJKL;'ZXCVBNM,./1234567890-=)


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    Default Re: New keylogger test (AKLT.exe) for FF

    Yeap, thats correct... it is also reported in the change log.

    Anti-keylogger jamming replaced with encryption, now fully supports (blocks user space and kernel mode keyloggers) on Vista/Windows 7 32/64 bits

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