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Thread: Zonealarm and Firefox 3.6 addons

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    Default Zonealarm and Firefox 3.6 addons

    I have tried to research this on the forums and on firefox but am not seeing posts that seem to match my problem.

    I am running windows xp sp3 etc, zonealarm extreme, forcefield

    My problem started with the firefox 3.5 versions - most (but not all) of the addons I have installed (ghostery, adblock plus, speeddial, greasemonkey, cooliris and babelfish) will not install when forcefield is enabled in the builtin version of ZA extreme. For some weird reason, babelfish and adblock works, but the others don't load.

    When I start firefox 3.6 - then goto Tools>>>Addons - it gives me a list of all the addons, it appears that adblock plus is loading, then the weirdness starts where the list of all the other addons states that "they will load the next time firefox starts."

    Restarting firefox at this point returns you to the same problem.

    A previous forcefield solution of turning off forcefield, uninstalling firefox and extensions and reinstalling everything gets everything up and running again (including updates) UNTIL you turn forcefield back on then it's back to the original problem.

    I can run without forcefield up I suppose but this is rather perplexing to me.

    Can anyone shed some light in this dark corner of ZA extreme that I find myself in? Even better, if anyone else is having the same problem a shoutout would be nice so I don't feel like I'm alone in the dark with the lamest computer ever! Thanks in advance for your help/advice!
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