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Thread: New Network Found. But WHICH network?

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    Default New Network Found. But WHICH network?

    I know there are many threads on the ZA "New Network Found" popup, and I've read many of them (including the sticky), but they all seem to deal with its nagging, or a bug, not what network the pop-up has actually found.

    Isn't the Internet also a network? How do I know if the "network found" is:

    a. My own network (my pc + my notebook linked by a WRT54G router)?
    b. Some hit off the Internet?
    c. My Internet connection itself?
    c. My wireless router (which I hadn't used for awhile, just set up again, and wireless is working)?
    d. Somebody else's wireless network that's broadcasting its ID?

    As seems to be standard, there's no way to ignore it. If I cancel, apparently the network is automatically placed in the Internet Zone.

    My computers can currently share files with each other, and I don't want to disable that. I'm the only one user, and I trust myself.

    But just now, ZA found To my understanding, neither the PC or notebook have that IP (as indicted by IPconfig and my router permissions). How do I know it's safe always to select Trusted Zone?

    I feel like this guy:
    Except he never got an answer.


    PC: XP Pro SP3 updated
    Notebook: XP Pro SP3 updated
    Linksys WRT54G, Auto DHCP, WPA2 Personal (AES)

    New Network Found
    IP address:
    Type: Private Network Detected
    ZoneAlarm Security Suite has found a new connection between your computer and the Internet or another computer.
    1. Select: Keep in Internet Zone, or Allow into Trusted Zone
    2. Name this network (optional)
    [x] Automatically configure this network if I add it to the Trusted Zone.
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