I started using zonealaarm extreme security 2010 back in december. About the same time I got at&t dsl after having dial up for years. Anyway soon after getting extreme sec., and dsl, I started having occasional problems with my keyboard. It gets "confused", by this I mean that if I hit the "f" key or the "g" key another charachter pops up. If I hit a key multiple times, it spells out "querty".
This seems to happen when I am connected online, & there seems to be a lot of cpu usage t the same time as this is going on.
This is happening on my desktop pc, as well as my gateway laptop, and my brand new compaq laptop(wirelessly connected).
Sometimes I have to shutdown, or unplug the keyboard to get rid of the problem
Could this be virus activity, an at&t problem, or a zonealarm problem?