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Thread: Best Way toUpgrade from ZASS 7.0 to 9.1

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    eliuri Guest

    Question Best Way toUpgrade from ZASS 7.0 to 9.1


    Would you kindly post the exact steps for a smooth upgrade from:

    Zone Alarm Security Suite 7.0.483.000

    Zone Alarm Security Suite

    Also : Would appreciate info on browser security add-ons which are new to the 9.1 and are installed during such an upgrade. What issues, if any, have been experienced with those? Can these later be readily uninstalled if they create problems? Vaguely recall reading about incompatibility with Firefox, but if resolved those might be good to have.

    Thanks in advance:


    Windows XP Professional Edition SP 3
    Zone Alarm Security Suite 7.0.483.000
    Firefox 3.6
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    Default Re: Best Way toUpgrade from ZASS 7.0 to 9.1

    you already posted this messages here:

    Could you please continue there? Several suggestions have been given to you at that time. Better to start from there rather than start again from scratch.

    I am closing this thread to avoid duplication.


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