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Thread: Sophos flagging Forcefield plugin as suspicious

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    Default Sophos flagging Forcefield plugin as suspicious

    Laptop with ZoneAlarm Pro & Sophos Anti-Virus 7.6.16 (with latest updates).

    Sophos has sent a file to quarantine which apparently belongs to ZoneAlarm.

    The file in question is C:\Program Files\Checkpoint\ZAForceField\Plugins\ISWHRSRV.dll .

    Sophos identifies it as suspicious, of type Sus/VB-AM.

    I can find no reference to either ISWHRSRV.dll or Sus/VB-AM on either the Sophos or ZoneAlarm websites.

    Does anybody know if this is really a suspicious file or is it a false trip from Sophos ?

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    Default Re: Sophos flagging Forcefield plugin as suspicious

    You already posted in the right place:

    ZA cannot fix a sophos false positive, you will need to send them the file and ask for confirmation. The file name is legitimate and part of ZA Forcefield.


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