Since installing ZoneAlarm Extreme (previously had internet security which worked fine for downloads) I've found that large file downloads fail at around 10MB with no warning (the ZoneAlarm download screen just disappears). If I uncheck 'Check file downloads for spyware' on the settings page then the file downloads OK - but I'm disabling one of the ZA security features. Has anyone else seen this and found a solution?


Windows XP SP3
IE 8

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version:
TrueVector version:
Driver version:
Anti-virus engine version:
Anti-virus signature DAT file version:1011790112
AntiSpam version:
ZoneAlarm ForceField
ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Scanner
ZoneAlarm ForceField Anti-Phishing Database
ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Sites Database 04.075