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Thread: Can't Print Web pages in Firefox 3.6

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    calvinek99 Guest

    Default Can't Print Web pages in Firefox 3.6

    I was printing fine with full forcefield protection enabled and one day it just stopped working about 3 weeks ago. Now if i disable forcefield it prints just fine. the error I get is "An unknown error occurred while printing."
    running Vista 64

    I have also reset Print.print_printer on Firefox but no change.

    Anyone have a clue to this?

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    sbbbls Guest

    Default Re: Can't Print Web pages in Firefox 3.6

    I'm having the same problem. Are there any solutions?

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    sbbbls Guest

    Default Re: Can't Print Web pages in Firefox 3.6

    The latest version of Firefox, 3.6.2 has just come out, and after installing it, I've found I can now print web pages from Firefox running over Forcefield once again.

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    Thank you sbbbls;
    for your Feedback on Firefox 3.6.2 and forcefield..

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