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    gaboos Guest

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    After a ZA scan on my computer, was mentioned Actuive items Win32.kstp, treatment to do Quarantine.
    After clicking" Apply" was mentioned "Done" and Status "Treatment succeed. No futher action is required for this item."
    Doing a new scan, came out that Win32.kstp is still there.
    Question: what must be done, please? Can you help guiding step by step, please?
    Thank you.

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    please follow ALL the steps of the standard cleaning procedure as detailed here:

    Thank you,

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    cjwertz Guest

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    I encountered this same problem.

    (I'm not running the most up to date za because it refuses to install on my system. Some day soon, I should check to see if they have a solution yet.)

    Anyway, after a lot of screwing around I found security was set do deny EVERYONE from write access to the flash folder and it's content. I reset this and ran za (8) again. This time, after it said it had deleted the trojan, I scanned again and it seems to be gone. I also scanned with malwarebytes as a check.

    Then I used another computer to reset many of my web passwords.

    I also have NOT installed the activex part of Flash this time. I don't need it.

    I think maybe I'm clean. I wonder. Anyone care to comment?

    Does anyone know what this particular trojan really does?

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