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Thread: My UAC issues with Windows 7

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    thom_little Guest

    Default My UAC issues with Windows 7

    This suggestion may be off the mark ... but ...

    I have no problem at all with Windows 7 UAC on the second workstation.

    On the first workstation when I was initally activating Windows 7 I had to give it an account name and it contained a typo.

    At a little later date I created a new acdcount with Administrator proveledge (and no typo) and used it for all my processing.

    I deleted the original account.

    There was one folder in the Program Files folder that would not allow me to write because it apparently was created under the original account and UAC thought I was not approproatly credentialed to write to it.

    Could this perhaps be the source of the original difficuylty?

    ... Thom

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    Default Re: My UAC issues with Windows 7

    this is possible

    the way to get ahold of full control
    1. right click the folder and click properties
    2. click the security tab and click advanced
    3. click change permissions on everyone
    4. click edit
    5. click on the box allow full control
    6. click ok/close until all windows disappear

    now i cant guarantee that this will fix the problem
    but it shouldnt hurt the system
    thanks robdog
    (c)robdog 2010 (picture & SN)
    (please note) As users we can't give others help unless we get full details of the problem that you are having

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    thom_little Guest

    Default Re: My UAC issues with Windows 7

    The message that started this thread "My UAC issues with Windows 7" was actaully left by me as a possible explanation for the problem reported in "UAC issues with Windows 7" in this same forum.

    I had the problem I reported on a Windows 7 machine. I no longer have the machine that has the problem.

    I hope that the folks looking at " UAC issues with Windows 7" see your excellent suggestion.

    ... Thom

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