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Thread: ZA Extreme Security [ZAES] (Junk Email Scans)

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    Unhappy ZA Extreme Security [ZAES] (Junk Email Scans)


    I have used ZAES for some time. In the main, ZAES tends to do a great job scanning and filtering out the incoming junk email from the five accounts that come into Outlook Express (Windows XP on Laptop) often picking-up 100% of the 5-25 pieces of junk email that come into my accounts daily. On a bad day, ZAES might miss 1-2 pieces though when I report it this problem tends end the problem within 1-2 weeks. On one occasion about six months ago, I had a period where 80-100% of the junk email was being missed by ZAES at which point I used the "Report Junk Email" option under ZA Options and within 2-3 weeks ZAES started to work. At the time, I thought (though might be misremembering) that I highlighted the junk mail in my Inbox (after switching to work offline as reading junk mail while 'online' tends to result in an influx of more junk email) and chose the option and a report email to ZA was placed in my outbox and the junk mail was moved from the Inbox to the folder ZoneAlarm Junk Mail.

    Unfortunately, I have been beset by a rash of junk mail that ZAES seems 100% unable to filter (for about 20-days now). Again, ZAES is failing to catch every single instance even though the junk mail is obvious "Special offer for tygereyes, 80% better price" "Genuine Pfizer VIAGRA" and so forth. In addition, I cannot seem to use the ZAES "Report Junk Email" option on email I highlight in the Inbox (it does not create a Report Email to ZA nor move the email to the ZoneAlarm Junk Mail folder); however, I can hit the "Junk" button to move it from the Inbox to the ZA Junk Mail folder and then go into the ZA Junk Mail folder and re-highlight the email and use the "Report Junk" option to create and send a report.

    With all of that said, I am writing for any advice especially with regard to the apparent problem ZAES is having detecting any and all junk mai - even the very obvious junk mail (it still has a ZA pop-up that says it is scanning the email though it never detects any). In addition, I would like to know how the ZA Report Mail works : Does it only work on email in the ZoneAlarm Junk Mail or should you be able to highlight junk email in the Inbox and choose "Report Junk" option to have the offending email moved to the ZoneAlarm Junk Mail folder and a Report Email to ZA put in the Outbox?

    Thanks, in advance, for any assistance you might offer,

    ~Tyger (Michael)~
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