Running ZA Internet Security Suite with Win XP SP3 fully patched and Spyware Doctor

I have made no updates to any of them for several weeks, but there has been at least one automatic XP update.

For many months/years of using ZAPro and several months of using ZAI Security Suite and following web links successfully, this problem started about 2 weeks ago: When clicking on some links in (for example only, not necessarily a complete list) Google Alerts, e-mail, or ZDNet notifications, the web page displays for a fraction of a second, then something closes the page.

Granted I'm very cautious about tinkering with any of ZA's settings, but in checking them and in checking ZA 'Help' I have not found any clues about whether ZA is causing the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated: What to look for, what to look at, what settings to experiment with.

Many thanks!