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Thread: Let this program do ANYTHING

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    Sky Soldiers Guest

    Default Re: Let this program do ANYTHING

    This is also shoot-in-the-dark suggestion.Here are the three process that might need to be added for permissions in the Programs section.

    NASNAVI2.EXE: NAS Naviator 2

    NASSVC.EXE: NAS Power Management Service

    NASSCHE.EXE: NAS Function Scheduling Application

    From this link :

    Also if you read the link provided by Senior Member garywa it says make sure your ZoneAlarm firewall is configured to allow these ports: UDP 1900, TCP 2869.

    Have no other suggestions other than this.

    Have a nice Day
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    pcolinjp Guest

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    Thanks for the suggestion.
    Yes, those 3 programs have been set for proper permission.
    I have tried opening those ports, to no avail so far.

    Really, am I the only one with this problem ?

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    garywa Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcolinjp View Post
    Really, am I the only one with this problem ?
    I don't own a NAS drive and I've only seen a very few posts here about NAS drives.

    So you may very well be one of only a few that do - sorry.

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    Well ZA does not have this NAS to test and troubleshoot with.

    Instead of contacting ZA support contact Buffalo support because they have the hardware on hand and can download and use our software for free.

    If they detect a bug they can contact us and we will work with them since they have the expensive hardware to test with.

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    pcolinjp Guest

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    As the reply from ZA seems to be that Buffalo should run the test, I have posted on the Buffalo tech forum as well :

    We'll see what comes up...
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