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Thread: port 3389?

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    Rzzo Guest

    Default port 3389?

    Hey. Is it normal that windows vista is listening port 3389?

    Other ports are not in listening mode, only those 3:

    svchost.exe TCP Listening:3389
    services.exe TCP Listening:39157
    System TCP Listening:445

    I found from zonealarm logs that i get daily connection attempts to my computer port 3389.

    I googled that it have something to do with windows remote desktop. I had some security problems with my computer before, but i thought they were fixed.

    I havent been using zonealarm long so i didnt had notice this before. Is this normal that port 3389 is in listening mode and getting a lot of connection attempts to that port?
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    Default Re: port 3389?


    Turn off Remote Desktop and see how it goes.

    Instructions to do so can be found here:


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