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Thread: trojan-downloader.script.generic What is it?

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    Default trojan-downloader.script.generic What is it?

    My last 3 scans have shown I am infected with "Heur: trojan-downloader.script.generic". It says it is high risk. I let it quarintine, but it seems to keep coming back. I tried search and found no information on it and would like to know what it is and how I can keep from getting it again. Is it stealing information or what is it doing?

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    This is just a guess,.. But your scans may be detecting and infection in your "System restore" file, which can only be Cleaned, by Deleting the "System restore" file..

    have cleaned the system please remember to purge the windows system restore points. You may be reinfected otherwise.
    - Disable system restore (How to disable windows SYSTEM RESTORE);
    - Reboot the PC
    - Re-ensable system restore
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