Since I installed the new version of ZA (, I've noticed that ZA does not always start automatically when my PC starts up, even though I have it set on the Preferences tab. This problem is observed about 1 out of every 3 times I start my PC. I looked at ErrorLog file in the ZA directory under program file and it looks clean to me (pls see below). Any suggestion would be appreciated.

# This file is created by a ZoneLabs installer to report errors encountered in the install process.
# Log created 03/13/10 9:42:12
# Installing ZoneAlarm on Windows version: 6.0.6002
# Computer name: MY-PC
Command line:
# Command Line =
All Errorlogs consolidated.
Result of inuse check: Non-Existant
Finished with logging Installer messages.
Finished with logging Installer messages.

I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling ZA three times. The first two times I use the cpes_clean.exe to uninstall, the third time I followed the instructions on, so I am pretty sure that the uninstallation was clean.

System info: Vista SP2, ZA, also have AVG 9 running if that's relevant.

Thank you.