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    Just ran my weekly scan and found 11 instances of Worm.win32.Autorun.hbz on my D: Drive. I have ZASS set up to repair up on finding and quarantine if repairs fails. Both of these options failed. My options list has quarantine greyed out with delete and delete upon reboot the only treatments left.
    Tried to contact tech support but they are down for the weekend. Unable to find the email link that the online chat window suggested I use.
    Can anyone suggest a way I can quarantine these files? I hesitate to delete the files since they are my OEM backup files.
    I googled the worm and found very little about it. The only thing showing in my searches are about 24-36 hours old. What I did find were a couple of instance of this worm being reported by people us Kaspersky products. I tried Mbam and Superanti but neither of these scans picked up the Worm.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    E machine T5246
    Vista Home Premimun

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    you keep having problems with malware. You should get expertise support at SpywareHammer or BleepingComputer to analyse your system and provide ad-hoc support. Experts will guide you to the cleaning procedure.


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