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Thread: Warning! Phishers are targeting Twitter

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    Default Warning! Phishers are targeting Twitter

    Attackers are using Twitter to steal user names and passwords. The attack starts with a direct message from the phishers. The messages purport to link to something funny. Or, they claim to link to a picture or video of the recipient. Two examples are "LOL, this is funny" and "LOL, is this you."

    The messages contain a link to They open to a page where hackers can steal your user name and password. If you see one of these messages, don't click on it!

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    Default Re: Warning! Phishers are targeting Twitter

    from what i am hearing this is still going on sly
    now they are changing the titles but it basically does the same thing (takes over your twitter account)

    the folks at twitter are saying if you catch any of these messages to foward it to them (dont have the contact address right off hand it should be under help) so they can help stop it
    thanks robdog
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