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Thread: DataLock has locked me out!!!

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    Zimbony Guest

    Wink DataLock has locked me out!!!

    I am a regular Zone Alarm customer based in India; I have been using Zone Alarm security software for the last 4 years. A few weeks back I purchased ZAES with DataLock, I instilled it in my laptop and I have not had any problems since. Over the weekend I downloaded and installed the same in my wife's netbook running on Windows 7 Starter. After I installed it I restarted the computer only to get the following message: “Full Hard-drive Encryption”! Beyond this nothing else is happening as a result I have not been able to access the hard-drive at all and I am not getting an option to type in the username and password. Please advice on what I should do?

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    Default Re: DataLock has locked me out!!!

    if you do not get feedback from other users here please contact the ZA technical support at the link in my signature.
    Best to contact them when they are onlline so they can help you on the spot.


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    Zimbony Guest

    Default Re: DataLock has locked me out!!!

    Thanks Fax!! I got an email from the ZA Technical Support, I am working on resolving the problm!! Thanks a lot!!

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    apparently the full disk encryption does not work with netbooks
    they need to put this in the requirements "laptops only"
    thanks robdog
    (c)robdog 2010 (picture & SN)
    (please note) As users we can't give others help unless we get full details of the problem that you are having

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    Post Re: DataLock has locked me out!!!

    When Hard Drive Encryption is activated :

    Hard Drive Encryption only runs on laptops.
    Hard Drive Encryption supports up to six hard disks, which together can have a maximum total of 12 encrypted volumes.

    Partition resizing or repartitioning not supported
    Do not change partition size or repartition your disk when Disk Encryption is installed. This is not supported and may result in loss of data due to disk failure.

    Stripe or volume sets not supported
    On Windows XP, Hard Drive Encryption should not be installed on partitions that are part of stripe or volume sets.

    Compressed root directory not supported
    Hard Drive Encryption cannot be installed if the root-directory (or root directories) is/are compressed. The root directory must be decompressed before Hard Drive Encryption is installed. However, subdirectories of the root directory may be compressed.
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    Zimbony Guest

    Default Re: DataLock has locked me out!!!

    I have now tried to create a bootable disk with the ISO recovery file that ZoneAlarm had asked me to use. Either I'm not burning the boot CD correctly from the ISO file or for some other reason my netbook is not reading from the CD drive when I power up the netbook. It's still totally locked. Any help here?

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