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Thread: Packed.Win32.Krap.w - False Positive?

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    garywa Guest

    Default Packed.Win32.Krap.w - False Positive?

    Hey GeorgeV & fax - I need a little help and guidance.

    I just tried to download LastPass Password Manager (the WinXP version) directly from the company's website, lastpass dot com. When I did, ZASS gave an alarm that the file contained the virus Packed.Win32.Krap.w. I think it is a false positive. Clicking on 'More Info' brought up a ZA web page that had no information available. I selected 'Ignore Always' and finished the download, but have not executed the installation file until I can verify if the detection is real or false.

    I downloaded the same file from my in-laws desktop which is wired to the router and runs another popular anti-virus program. No virus was detected when I downloaded it there.

    I went to upload it to virustotal dot com per the false positive reporting instructions, but either there is a problem with the virustotal website or it is just overloaded. Most times the web page won't load (Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage). A few times it did load, but I could never get the file to finish uploading. I again ended up with 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.' I checked my HOSTS file and virustotal is NOT listed, so it is not being blocked there.

    I am using my wireless laptop - its config is in my signature. Below is my current ZASS info.

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
    TrueVector version:
    Driver version:
    Anti-virus engine version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:1014002496
    AntiSpam version:

    Can anyone else verify if they can get to the virustotal dot com website and does it appear to be acting normally?

    Is anyone willing to try and download the LastPass program to see if you also get the virus detected?

    I don't want to send this file to Kaspersky via email until I can verify it first at virustotal.

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Packed.Win32.Krap.w - False Positive?

    The virustotal website finally started working again and I was able to upload the file. No viruses were found:

    File lastpass.exe received on 2010.03.17 01:07:41 (UTC)
    Current status: finished

    Result: 0/42 (0%)

    I'm going to zip it and send it to Kaspersky.

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    Default Re: Packed.Win32.Krap.w - False Positive?

    Yes, sounds like a false positive. You will hear from kaspersky soon.


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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Packed.Win32.Krap.w - False Positive?

    Kaspersky replied overnight:

    "Sorry, it was a false detection. It will be fixed in the next update.
    Thank you for your help."

    After letting ZA update the DAT files this morning, I tried downloading the file again but got the same false detection.

    It will probably take a while for the 'fix' to trickle down to all the update servers. I'll just keep checking so I can remove it from the Exceptions list. I don't want to run too long with ZA set to 'Ignore.'

    Have a great day

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