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Thread: ZA pop-up at start up

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    ohanna Guest

    Default ZA pop-up at start up

    When I was running ZA version 8, I used to get a pop-up every time ZA starts, about the Zone Alarm Security Suite. There are two buttons on this pop-up (tell me more info, or no I am not interested).

    After I uninstalled that version (using the ZA removal tool), and installed ZA version, I only got this popup the very first time. After clicking the no I am not insterested button, I never saw this pop-up again when ZA starts. Is this a feature of the new version? I just wanted to make sure that I installed ZA correctly. Thanks a lot.

    System info: Vista SP2, ZA

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    Yes, its normal. It may come back. Its a nag to push you buy the retail version.


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    ohanna Guest

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    Thanks Fax.

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