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Thread: odeum serverlink?

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    Default odeum serverlink?


    Was reviewing the ZA log file (running ZA Extreme security) and found a blocked outgoing connection (SYN) attempt on port 3523 to a remote machine's port 80.

    Google says the service using this port is "odeumservlink" and/or "odeum serverlink"

    To find what that actually is, however, has proven futile; anyone heard of this service?



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    Cool Re: odeum serverlink?

    Nope, Never heard of it..

    Have you tried a "" search?

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    Default Re: odeum serverlink?

    I did do that first and found examples like ~snip~ which shows the item in question as a process that listens on port 3523. Didn't find anything actually useful, possibly in part because of my ignorance.
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