My system was also intermittently starting ZoneAlarm Extreme Security on Startup. After running a deep scan, ZA reporte five instances of Backdoor.Win32.Small.zv. ZA reported that the virus had been quarantined and no further action is required. A second scan using ZA Deep Scan found no instance of the virus. ZA now runs on startup. So, can I rest assured that it's now gone and presents no further threat to my computer? Do I need to go through all the steps of removal, cleaning, malware checking, etc. that you outlined above?

On a slightly different subject, I have been using Zone Alarm for three years, performing the normal scan routine about once a week. A scan only a few days ago did not detect this virus. I'm a little surprised that the only way to discover the virus was to run the Deep Scan, and also am wondering how the virus got into my machine in the first place given that ZA has been my firewall for at least three years.

Thanks for your help and advice on this.