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Thread: Win7 not off.. Zone Alarm automaticly Turns OFF Windows firewall.

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    Default Win7 not off.. Zone Alarm automaticly Turns OFF Windows firewall.

    I have learned the hardway while trying to use a p2p program that just would not work that when Windows Firewall is turned off from the Windows Firewall Security screen, it is not actually off. The only way to truly turn it off is to enter msconfig.exe, Services, and uncheck the Windows Firewall box. Running diag it kept showing Windows Firewall automatic and running eventhough turned off from the Security screen.. turning off Services solved it.

    Now my questions is without the Service turned off while running Zone Alarm, there didn't seem to be any conflict. I don't understand that and am now reluctant to turn off the Service. If I am running ZA with the Win FW Service turned off, am I protected?


    sorry made a mistake on the header.. but can't edit.. wanted to say "Win 7 Firewall not off...."
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