Please make a option so one can make the "Remember this setting" check box UNCHECKED by DEFAULT.

I have been using ZA since version 1. Somewhere around version 5 or 6 the "Remember this setting" check box and the Smart Defense Adviser behavior became virtually random. Some times the box is checked sometimes not, for the SAME programs. It changed behavior in almost every main and sub version updates. There has not been any consistency.

I recently updated from version 9.0 to 9.1 and the "Remember this setting" check box is now ALWAYS checked. It was much better in version 9.0. The only reason I updated was because version 9.0 did not stop some of the re-direct malware/virus' going around. One of which I got.

I have not gotten infected in 6+ years. Some of this is due to the fact that I set most programs to ask permission to act as server, and especially access the internet. I like to control when a program can access what so I know what is going on. The Smart Defense Adviser pop up has stopped a few attempts when a file, link, or website has tried to trigger a program to run unexpectedly.