Thanks to Zack at ZoneAlarm Tech Support.

I'd been gnashing teeth for several hours trying to get the ZA Encryption tool to install on my laptop. I would receive a most irritating error message informing that Encryption is for laptops ONLY and would not install on my PC.

I run my laptop on AC power with the battery removed. Zack informed me that the Encryption installer looks to see if the system has a battery to determine whether or not it is a laptop. No battery = PC, no installation.

I could find no mention of this issue in the knowledge base or other forums. I guess it's possible that it isn't mentioned because nobody else has been so foolish. But I also remember a dearth of information about the Turedo Tunneling adapter being disable after installing Zone Alarm. The issue was not that uncommon and the fix for many people was simply to enable ipv6 networking. Again, the fact that I spent hours digging for my solution rather than utilizing the tech support is an issue that I'll have to do some more research into. . .

If anybody else happens upon the battery kerfuffle I hope my share saves you some grief.

4 hours in on my 500GB laptop and I'm 8% encrypted.

System Manufacturer Sony Corporation Model VPCCW21FX Total amount of system memory 4.00 GB RAM System type 64-bit operating system Number of processor cores 2 Storage Total size of hard disk(s) 457 GB Disk partition (C:) 138 GB Free (457 GB Total)