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Thread: ZA won't update automatically

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    Default ZA won't update automatically

    I got a completely new pc back in December with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate, and so far Zone Alarm Internet Security has been fine with it; hardly any problems, which is good compared to my experience under XP and a slower pc. I'm currently running version 9.1.008. My main issue is the Preferences<Product Update feature. If I click "Check for Update" after a few moments it says both Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware definitions are uptodate - which they are - but it does NOT find any product update; it says "System up to date". I'm running 9.1.008, and I know the latest update is 9.1.507 yet ZA doesn't seem to realise that. It doesn't tell me.

    I think this might have something to do with the fact I changed the reminder interval to 60 days, but even so you'd expect ZA to realise an update is available if I manually tell it to check. So in the meantime I went to the Check Point update web pages and downloaded the update; I haven't installed it yet as I write this.

    Is there a way of changing the reminder interval without waiting for an update?


    PS: Bug fix suggestion - the ZA toolbar won't appear in Firefox (I'm using 3.6.2), but does appear in IE 8. It isn't just hidden in Firefox, it isn't installed.

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    Welcome to the Zone Alarm User Forum..

    Sorry, but sometimes new Releases are Regulated by the production department.. Usually the ZA Extereme and ZA Suite are the first versions to be released via the ReleaseHistory page, then if nobody reports any missed bugs durring the BETA Testing,

    Then the Automated Check for Updates Servers are activated and your program "Check for Update" feature will get a notice that will Give you a Pop-up to notify you that a New Update is available..

    Here is the Manual Update link to the lastest ZA Suite file..
    The latest ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite release is 9.1.507.000.
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