I have been running Zonelabs DataLock on my laptop for about a week now and it is doing what it is supposed to do. No trouble with the install, made the rescue CD as recommended.... However, I am now in the process of uninstalling it...I Think!! I am in the process of uninstalling DataLock because it now takes about 3-4 minutes to boot my laptop, it runs slower, I have lost Vista "Ready Boost" and I just don't feel comfortable encrypting the entire Hard Drive. I started the uninstall of DataLock about 26 hours ago and there is "No Screen to tell of its decrypting progress", if it is in fact doing that. It is a waiting game. I have selected the DataLock program and asked to uninstall again and it does say that it is "In Progress" but there is not progress meter or any sign that it is doing anything. I will let it run for a few days, if necessary.... I hope I don't regret purchasing this software. I am patient.