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Thread: ordinal 55 error + other security tools

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    yorugua Guest

    Unhappy ordinal 55 error + other security tools

    Same problem here. Need suggestions.

    Purchased ZA Antivirus two days ago. Installed on a Dell D820 laptop, XP Pro SP3, 2GigRAM

    Here is my saga:

    As the installation was progressing it got multiple "ordinal 55 not found errors". One could tell this was not a good sign.

    When it finished, I had the ZA icon in the task bar but it would not do anything when clicking or right-clicking it.

    I could still access the internet where I researched the "ordinal 55 error" but found not much help except some mentions to possible conflicts with AV software.

    I did have Symantec running at the time, as well as Microsoft Firewall. I had not turned anything off as I did not see any warnings or instructions during the installation to turn anything that might conflict off. (Sorry I always forget that Microsoft Firewall is there)

    I had at this point no Uninstall either so I proceeded to uninstall manually.
    Removed all the installed za files except for a dll (name now escapes me unfortunately) that would not budge with an "access denied" message. I was able to rename it though, and after a reboot I was able to delete the renamed file.

    I cleaned the registry where the cleaner found only a couple (three) zone alarm entries.

    So I stopped Symantec, turned off Microsoft FW and "courageously" (some might say recklessly) proceeded to attempt the install again.

    This time the install went perfectly. I could access the main console, change settings (I am only interested in the FW not the AV software so I turned all the AV and browser and email protection off). BUT I COULD NOT ACCESS THE INTERNET.

    I changed all the settings to the minimum possible restrictions but nothing.

    I did not attempt at this time to connect using https so I don't know if https was working.
    I tried to a couple hours with no joy so I decided to uninstall.

    The uninstall went all the way and gave me a message that in order to complete it had to restart the machine. Ok, restart the machine.
    Booted up and after a few moments, same message: need to restart the machine. Restarted the machine. Booted up and ... same message again.
    This time I ignored the message, opened msconfig where I saw the entry in STARTUP cpes_clean so I disabled it. Rebooted and the message was gone.

    It appears that ZA is completely gone but ... I still could not access the internet.
    This is when I first noticed that my Windows Live Messager was connecting OK and my Outlook was connecting without problems also. I tried to VPN to my office and had no problems.

    It looked browser related as Chrome, Opera, IE, Fireforx none would work. But then I tried an https and it worked so the problem is just http.

    I googled the problem (at my desktop) found other people with the same problem (although not necessarily related to ZA) tried all the suggestions such as "resetting IE Security settings", "resetting IE advanced settings", confirming the the registry URL entry has "http" as the default. Nothing would fix it.

    SO: could my problem be related to the dll i could not delete after my first install?
    could the problem be related to the -seemingly unfinished- second uninstall the keeps asking me to reboot?
    ANY IDEAS? Thanks for any suggestions.
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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: two anti-virus, not compatible

    Un-written rule of pc's. Only one anti-virus installed on a pc; if you try to install a second anti-virus= problems - software conflicts.

    Just One, Not Two -- Never use two anti-virus products at the same time (even if one is disabled). Completely uninstall one before installing another. Use the vendor's uninstall utility/ 'removal tool' or if not available, use the Windows add/remove software tool in the control panel.

    Even thou you 'only' want ZA AV's firewall and disabled ZA's av - this is not enough nor will it work...

    You will have to decide: install ZA Free basic firewall or ZA Pro firewall if you still want to use Norton av or uninstall Norton and use ZA AV for both firewall and av protection - your choice.

    Since you bought ZA AV you may be able to ask ZA Customer Service for a lateral change from ZA AV to ZA Pro.
    __________________________________________________ ___

    Click here > <> see ZA Customer Service link, plus basic info on installation. see#4 = this is normal part of ZA's un-installer module (which you accidently deleted) [ but use #4 ZA Removal Tool to remove your corrupted ZA install, anyhow and check windows add/remove for any ZA files (the toolbar) remove this]

    Remove all 3rd party antivirus and security software -click here > <

    Your Norton av- hopefully it's consumer version; not enterprise/ business version. Norton av - sometimes has some modules that 'have firewall-like capabilities and can cause conflicts unless it is turned-off duing ZA install/ use.'
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