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Thread: Data Lock Requirements False? Will not install!

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    Arik Guest

    Default Data Lock Requirements False? Will not install!

    DataLock will not install on my laptop as I receive the following error.

    1. BIOS Not Supported
    The BIOS on this computer does not support Hard Drive Encryption. Please retry the installation on a different computer.

    There is no requirement when looking at this software that says it needs a special BIOS. How can I even tell if I do or not? Especially when the product page doesn't ask you to look?

    Please HELP! I am very annoyed by this and would like to install this software, even though now I am not so sure I can.
    I am not able to find any information about my laptop on Google talking about hard drive encryption or on the OEMs page. If someone finds something, I will be greatly appreciated!

    I have a TX2500z CTO with BIOS ver F.0F. If the specific product specs let me know!

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    Default Re: Data Lock Requirements False? Will not install!

    1. make sure that your Laptop Battery is fully charged, and that you do not have some other 3rd party Encryption already installed..

    2. Contact ZA Tech Support Live Chat Directly on Monday when they are On-line, click link in my Signature..
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