I had recently, discovered a problem in Firefox 3.6.2 where it would not Open a New Window. I tried Safe Mode, uninstall / reinstall AddOns, (expect for ZA's AddOn), and themes, uninstall / reinstall Firefox, created new profiles; nothing worked .. until I disabled ZA's Toolbar AddOn. I miss using Za's Toolbar in Firefox, and miss it checking my my downloads as they are downloaded, but I am happy my Firefox is working as it should, though. I am anticipating an Update to ZA's Toolbar AddOn. I have been reading here, that to Update Firefox AddOns, one must disable ZA's Toolbar AddOn; is this correct? I don't recall any problems Updating Firefox's AddOns in the past, with ZA's Toolbar not disabled. If this is correct, ZA should configure something that will allow one to Update with it's Toolbar AddOn enabled.