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Thread: ZoneAlarm Toolbar AddOn in Firefox 3.6.2

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    zeke Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm Toolbar AddOn in Firefox 3.6.2

    Well, make that five. I spent three hours untangling the mess ZAAV's browser security (toolbar) evidently created in my Fx 3.63. Several add-ons got corrupted including Compact Menu 2 and adblock plus. I did a restore of a Fx profile backup with no benefit. I ended up uninstalling ZAAV, doing a system restore to before it's original installation, re-installed ZA and had the same problem.

    So, uninstalled, system restore, and reinstall ZAAV without browser security and no problems with Fx.

    This is an initial install of ZA on a month old Core i5 computer with Win7 64bit, updates current.. I was running Avast and used their removal tool, ccleaner and double reboot before installing ZA.

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    gambler Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm Toolbar AddOn in Firefox 3.6.2

    Well this thread seems to have solved the problem.......

    For me Firefox works "Ok" its slowish with the tool bar and if I close and try and reopen it remains unresponsive until I go into the Task Manager and close down Firefox.exe.

    However using google chrome (No tool bar) it opens & Surfs faster......I guess I should stick to chrome.

    I found this thread after going to Firefox's help site and found a reply to my problem in their forum which stated:

    "Do you run ZA ToolBar?, If so disable it and firefox will work fine"

    I am at work so cannot give you my specs but I run

    Windows XP home (all updates)
    ZASS latest version and update

    yadda yadda

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