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Thread: Zone Alarm and VPNs

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    squirrelmom Guest

    Default Zone Alarm and VPNs


    I am running Windows XP Pro on my PC along with Zone Alarm, version

    I have set up a VPN through a business I subcontract with and have been unable to access it. I go to log in to the VPN and it looks like I'm hooked up as evidenced by the icon in my taskbar which shows I'm connected. But when I go to access the VPN network folder, I get this:

    "An error occurred while reconnecting to VPN. Microsoft Windows Network. The network path was not found. This connection has not been restored."

    However, if I disable my Zone Alarm antivirus program, I am able to connect just fine. The IT people I am working for even were here, and she couldn't figure it out. She told me to just shut down my antivirus when I'm doing work for them, an idea I am not at all comfortable with doing. Any clues as to why I am having this problem and what steps I can take to be able to connect to this network? I appreciate any suggestions and help.


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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm and VPNs

    You're going to have to dig deeper into your hardware/software configuration.

    1. Are you behind a router that has a built-in firewall? Did the VPN work with the router before ZA?

    2. Find out about the VPN software requirements. Does it require ports to be opened? Any other requirements?

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    squirrelmom Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm and VPNs

    Yes, the router worked prior to Zone Alarm. I recently got a new PC and I have been unable to get this network up and running without disabling ZA.

    As far as the VPN software, I'll have to check with the company I do work for. I would have thought their IT person would have looked into this, but as you can see from my post, I don't think they wanted to spend time on it, i.e. "just disable your antivirus." Sadly I will lose this account if I can't get it up and running.

    Thanks for your help, though ... I appreciate it!

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm and VPNs

    Try adding the VPN server to the Trusted Zone as discussed here:

    I don't know what VPN software you are using, but a web search found several matches for different programs. I post these just as examples of the type of information you will need to find out about your particular VPN software.

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm and VPNs

    One last thought - open the ZA Control Center and in the lower left corner, click on '? Help'

    From the Search tab, enter VPN. A whole host of linked topics will be displayed that discuss setting up a VPN.

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    squirrelmom Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm and VPNs


    This will be very helpful! I appreciate all the assistance, and I'll have to relate some of this info to the IT to see if it helps them to troubleshoot. It is in trusted zone so that's taken care of. Thanks also for the links for ZA's troubleshooting for VPNs. I did see this as well, but I just feel like I'm out of my league when it comes to networking - my face kind of glazes over.

    Anyway, we'll go from here. THANKS!

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