Hi All,

I have a Sony VAIO Z57GG running Windows 7 Ultimate with ZAES v9.1.008.000. My laptop has 3 partitions: Sony Recovery, Windows 7 O/S and a Data partition.

I installed the HD Encryption add-on and began encrypting my HDD. Some time during the encryption, my laptop hung.

I had to kill the power to the laptop to get it to reboot. What I found was it now hangs at the "Windows is starting" splash screen. I also noticed that the HDD activity light blinks every few seconds. The laptop sat in this state for a few hours without progressing to the desktop.

I managed to boot the laptop into safe mode, started ZAES and noticed that Volume C was 100% encrypted, Volume D was 93% encrypted and Volume ? (Recovery partition) was 0% encrypted.

Again, the HDD activity light blinks every few seconds but the encryption process failed to continue. After leaving the laptop running in safe mode for 24 hours, I noticed that it hadn't encrypted any further. I tried rebooting into safe mode many times and the encryption process failed to resume.

I decided to boot off the recovery CD I created at the beginning of the encryption process and noticed that after entering my username and password, and selecting to decrypt the HDD, nothing happens and the HDD light just blinks every few seconds.

Booting up into safe mode again, I can see that the HDD Encryption option has been uninstalled and the ZAES is in the process of decrypting my HDD. Still, Volume C is 100% encrypted, Volume D is 93% encrypted and Volume ? is 0% encrypted.

Any ideas on how to force the decryption of my HDD? My laptop is unusable unless running in safe mode which is pointless and most of my apps fail to run.