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    Default Program Alert Advisor Mistake

    Yesterday I got installed a Java update (Version 6 Update 19) and everything was working fine but because it was a new program I started getting Program alert pop ups asking me to allow or deny Java access to the Internet. Well I went and checked the box to always deny the program access thinking that there would not be a problem as the box was popping up quite a bit and now I'm having major problems online as some Java functions that are being prevented from working are causing all kind of problems online on websites and also after a few minutes pages and the browser stop responding completely. All functions on the Mozilla toolbar stop functioning too. You click and nothing happens then the browser stops working too. I close it and it will not open again at times until I restart the computer.

    My question.. Is there anyway to reverse what I did when I clicked that little box and prevented the program fro working on my PC? All my problems started the right after I made that change.

    I'm sorry if I did not explain this clearly.

    I just check the ZA Log in Programs and found these two entries

    Java Quick Starter binary was blocked from connecting to the local zone

    Type Program access


    Firefox.exe. tried to connect to the internet (), but was denied access by the internet lock

    Lock Enabled

    I am using Windows XP Pro and Mozilla Firefox browser.
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